How WigWag Works


WigWag centralizes your smart devices to use one system to organize and optimize your environment.

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Create an environment that can respond to motion, temperature and more using Wigwag Glowline, Tag and Sensor Block.

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Use the mobile WigWag App to control your home or use the desktop app to create an automated environment.

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The best play with the rest

WigWag makes building intelligent environments easier than ever before supporting a variety of protocols including IP/WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Insteon. WigWag Relay has the power to integrate widely because it uses HTML, CSS and Javascript to communicate with devices.

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This full-range RGB strip offers flexible indoor/outdoor ambient lighting. You can build rules to turn them on and off, make them blink, or change the color. Set the mood of your environment.



A mini, portable tracker that lets you know who or what is nearby by reporting its distance to the Sensor and Relay. Trigger any rule with just the press of a button. Conserves battery when stationary.


Sensor Block

A universal sensor that responds to your environment by detecting motion, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, acceleration, and ambient light. Use two to make an invisible tripwire.



A smart LED bulb with full dimmability and 64 million colors to set just the right tone. Build rules and combine with other brands to customize and automate lighting. Conserve energy without sacrificing functionality.


What do you want to happen when ...

It's late at night and you forgot to set your alarm?

You wake up and it's cloudy outside?

There shouldn't be motion around your home?

WigWag can make you the hero - just think of how and create it in our desktop rule builder.

Navigate like it's your home

An app should save you time. Navigating for devices should be quick and easy.

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